Terms and conditions

Guidelines for hall book­ings and usage

1. Reservations
1.1 Bookings may be made by con­tact­ing the office on 09–579 5279 or by email to office@ellerslieanglican.org.nz
1.2 Facilities may not be used unless a ‘Hall Hire Agreement’ is
signed and the bond paid.
1.3 In the event that the Parish requires to use the Hall and
asso­ci­ated facil­it­ies – eg, for a funer­al – the Parish require­ment
will take pri­or­ity. However, as much notice as pos­sible will be

2. Conditions
2.1 A key may be provided to enable access. Otherwise the build­ing
will be opened and closed by the Hall Hire Coordinator. If a key
is provided no duplic­ate keys are to be cut. The Hirer may not
reas­sign the use of the build­ing to anoth­er party.
2.2 The Hirer is respons­ible to ensure that the build­ing is secure,
heaters/lights etc are turned off and the facil­ity left clean and
tidy. Failure to ful­fill these oblig­a­tions may res­ult in costs being
deduc­ted from the bond.
2.3 The Hirer may not move, adjust or use any equip­ment without
pri­or arrange­ment being made. Similarly the Hirer may not
store or leave mater­i­als and/or equip­ment in the build­ing
unless a pri­or arrange­ment is made. No mater­i­al or fit­tings may
be secured to any wall, door or win­dow.
2.4 The premises (indoors and out­doors) is a non smoking area and
the con­sump­tion of alco­hol is to be lim­ited as agreed when the
book­ing is made.
2.5 All care and atten­tion is taken to ensure the build­ing is safe
and in good repair. Any dam­age caused must be repor­ted
imme­di­ately. The cost of repair will be taken from the bond
and if insuf­fi­cient the Hirer will be invoiced for the cost of the
2.6 The Hirer will be respons­ible to ensure com­pli­ance with
Government and Local Statutes, Regulations and Bylaws. This
includes the Hirer’s oblig­a­tion in rela­tion to Occupational
Health and Safety Regulations. Therefore the Hirer must
report and record any acci­dent in the Accident Register and
also be respons­ible to ensure mem­bers of the Hirer’s group
are aware of any haz­ards and fire evac­u­ation pro­ced­ures.
2.7 No Hire Agreement will extend bey­ond 11.30pm. This means
that the dis­pers­al of users and all hirers oblig­a­tions will be
com­pleted no later than 11.30pm.
2.8 The Hall Hire Coordinator may ter­min­ate the Hire Agreement
at any time if the terms of the Hire Agreement have not or are
not being met.

3. Rates
3.1 The basic $30 rate will be abated for reg­u­lar users by 15%
(ie, book­ings for two or more ses­sions) and for char­it­able or
com­munity group users by 15%. The Hall Hire Coordinator,
based on inform­a­tion provided, will advise the rate
appro­pri­ate to your group or needs.
3.2 The bond is fixed at $300 for reg­u­lar users, which includes a
refund­able key bond of $150 for one key. For each extra key
an addi­tion­al $150 per key will be added to the bond. The key
bond will not be refun­ded unless the keys are returned. The
key bond may also be used to off­set any costs incurred by the
3.3 The bond may be abated for com­munity and char­it­able
group users.
3.4 Where a monthly rate applies pay­ment is to be made to the
Church Office by the 16th day of the month.